The Solution

It may seem that the solution is simple.  Many attempts have been made to close the gap through the use of numerous standardized tools, such as flip guides, charts, length-based tapes, wheels and even computer programs and apps–yet the problem remains.

There are only a couple of possible solid solutions to this complex problem:

  • Development and maintenance of national standards that set precise requirements for dosing regimens, concentrations of medications and administration techniques for all providers to use.  As nice or ugly as this solution sounds (depending on your views), it would require an act of congress–a long and difficult process with an uncertain outcome–to make it a reality.
  • Create a solution that offers each organization a fully customizable guide, containing the precise answers they need based on their treatment protocols, medication concentrations and special administration guidelines.

The second option is exactly what RightDoseTM founder Michael Wallace began developing nearly a decade ago.  Michael, an experienced emergency provider, recognized the scope of the problem and the risks with continuing to do things the way they had always been done.

The RightDoseTM Pediatric and Adult Drug Dosing Guide

  • Fully customized to your organizations treatment protocols, medications, doses, concentrations and special administration guidelines.
  • Pre-calculates the exact weight-based dose in mg and ml.
  • Includes complex weight based medication infusions, fluid boluses, cardioversion and defibrillation.
  • Reduces apprehension, stress, anxiety and uncertainty.
  • Quicker, easier and more precise than doing math at the point of care.
  • Intuitive to use and understand.

The current 5 ½ x 8 ½ durable, fully laminated dosing guides are practical and easy to store and use in any environment.  They are rapidly accessible and the organized layout helps the clinician find the information they need in a matter of seconds, keeping them focused on the timely delivery of care, not the worry of doing the math.

e-RightDoseTM Mobile apps are available on Windows and iOS operating system platforms and provide quick easy and always up-to-date dosing information.