What Inspired Us?

Founder Michael Wallace – “As a high performance hospital based EMS system leader with nearly three decades of experience I can tell you without any doubt that we are all incredibly vulnerable to making medication errors and there is none more at risk to the potentially devastating results than our children.” In 1999, the Institutes of Medicine published its landmark paper, “To Err is Human,” stunning the medical community with the reality that medical mistakes are one of the top ten causes of death in the United States. Since that time, scores of experts and peer-reviewed evidence has overwhelmingly confirmed what clinicians innately know: our error potential, regardless of licensure level, experience or intelligence, is huge! 

Many years ago, when I began my advanced medication administration training, I was shocked at the realization of performing dosing calculations in the middle of an emergency. As a medical community we had not yet widely acknowledged the physiological effects that the stress of medical care places on the clinician’s ability to perform complex thought processes. We often laid the blame of tragic mistakes on the individuals instead of, as the Institutes of Medicine report highlights, “the faulty systems, processes and conditions that lead people to make mistakes.”

I’m excited to introduce you to the RightDoseTM Pediatric and Adult Drug Dosing Guides/Apps. RightDose is a simple tool that can drastically improve the accuracy and efficiency of medication administration, in the middle of patient care, for any clinician regardless of the environment (EMS, clinic or hospital). To that purpose, we have dedicated our work.