What We Do

RightDoseTM Pediatric & Adult Drug Dosing Guides/Apps are a fully customizable and affordable dosing guide that gives the clinician the exact dose required without the need to perform any traditional math to calculate weigh, unit and fluid volume conversions at the point of care. RightDose allows you to enter your organization’s specific formulary, dosing protocols, concentrations, minimum / maximum doses and special instructions through a web-based portal, ultimately giving you the exact dose weight and fluid volume based on the patient’s weight.  Additionally, manufacturer-specific defibrillation and cardioversion dosing, fluid boluses and even complex medication infusions are provided.  RightDose logically organizes your guide by category (defibrillation, cardiac arrest, drugs alphabetical, fluids & drips, cardioversion and RSI) into a 5½ x 8½ full color, laminated, coil-bound quick reference book that is sequenced logically to simplify care. Windows and iOS apps use the exact same data organization scheme for consistency. Founder and Critical Care Paramedic Michael Wallace piloted the first printed version in early 2009, demonstrating remarkable results and receiving praise from field personnel, EMS officials and pediatric experts across Tennessee.

In 2012, after three additional years of research and development, Wallace and co-founder Bob Steele formed a company designed exclusively to drive the solution forward and supply custom dosing guides to any organization that has a need.  Concurrently the two founders, on a mission to make a difference, formed The RightDose Foundation, a non-profit organization designed specifically to support their efforts to help budget strapped organizations gain access to this priceless resource and enable providers to deliver the best care possible to children and adults.